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Stay safe with us!


Melpo Antia luxury Apartments & suites has implemented the highest standards of hygiene and disinfection to guarantee your safety.

Our Health & safety team work together with Cyprus Government health Authorities, fully adopted the instructions of the WHO and created
A comprehensive and high standard Covid -19 protocol which is strictly followed by all our staff and collaborators.

Learn more about some of the measures taken by our team:

General procedures and measures:

-Improved cleaning protocols for environments with cleaning products that meet the highest levels of disinfection required by WHO.

-A reinforced cleaning program in all public and common areas of the hotel, with frequent disinfection of all high-contact surfaces.

-Alcohol based hand sanitizer points available in the main public areas of the hotel (reception, elevators, restaurants, etc.)

-Individual hand sanitizer and protective masks are available for sale.

-Frequent monitoring of the air renewal system.

-Operation of air control fans without interruptions (24h / 7d).

-We carry out frequent tests of water quality, performing physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of the water to monitory purity and ensure adequate and appropriate levels of chlorine.

-Maintenance of the hot water system at 60ºC.

-Teams properly trained to follow all established protocols.

-We provide the hotel staff with the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE): gloves, masks and aprons.

Common areas:

-Mandatory use of masks for all guests in public areas.

-Contactless check-in, checkout and payment completion when possible.

-Mandatory social distancing in all common areas (a minimum of 1.5 m between persons)

-Elevators’ capacity reduction (fewer people allowed in at the same time)

-Separated chairs and tables in the event rooms, according to the health authorities’ recommendation.

Recreation areas:

-For your safety, we will keep some spaces closed or open by appointment such as the children's area, sauna and spa.

-In the gym/exercise/physical conditioning spaces, we provide alcohol gel for cleaning equipment and we limit the maximum number of people.

-In the pool, we have specific cleaning and frequency control procedures to allow its use at the appropriate times.

In the rooms:

-Bedding is bagged and washed at 60° Celsius.

-After the guest's checkout, a deep cleaning is carried out according to the Covid 19 protocol, before its new use.

-After check-in, employee entry into rooms for cleaning has been reduced to once every 3 days. If the guest prefers, they can request a room change or daily cleaning.

Food and beverage services:

-In the area of food and beverages, we have established new safety and hygiene standards exceeding the requirements established by the government and regulatory bodies.

-In the restaurant, we have new standards of customer service which limit human contact with food and beverages through individual dishes, inverted buffets (where the customer is served, without access to an exposed buffet), in addition to boxes for different food to go.

-We carry out line checks at the reception and in the restaurant, where we also space out the tables.

-We work with a reduced menu and we prioritize the use of local suppliers.

-Room service at no additional cost in case the restaurant is closed.

-We regularly change the water intake and consumption filters (drinking fountains, coffee machines, ice machines, etc.).

Medical attention:

-Employees have been trained to deal with guests experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and will follow special hygiene, containment and safety procedures for these cases.

-We have a specific and intense cleaning procedure in case of confirmation of any positive case of COVID-19 inside the hotel.

-The hotel staff can inform the contacts of the consulates and embassies to help foreign guests, in addition to having information on health and medical centers to help guests in case of need.

Still have doubts?

-We have put together a hotline dedicated to helping guests through our front office desk number, answering questions, and better preparing for your stay.

Our mission is to protect our guests and employees, guaranteeing travellers safe environments.

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